she was a person of love, let three people see again Cheap Replica Uggs.

Welfare effects of private hospitals

- As a private medical institutions, high-density Cambridge Eye by the media attention, which is a rare phenomenon

In many people’s eyes, private medical institutions for the purpose of fame and fortune, but it seems Cambridge Eye exception, they rely more public action to shape their own social image, and thus known Cheap Replica Uggs.

This is also one of the reasons has been the dean of Fanying Chuan, “As an ophthalmologist, the highest level is the Prevention of Blindness, Cambridge Eye committed to this ideal coincides with the direction Cheap Replica Uggs.”

Sichuan and the whole Southwest, a corneal transplant comes, everyone’s first reaction is to Cambridge Eye Cheap Replica Uggs. In the hospital’s efforts, Sichuan has the second largest eye bank Cheap Replica Uggs. Public hospitals did not do things, Cambridge Eye has done it, and there are a once aroused strong concern of the story:

In June 2008, after the earthquake, Guangyuan a lady called 罗小华 illness will soon passed away, her greatest wish is to donate corneas to help patients with eye sight Cheap Replica Uggs. But then there is no eye bank in Sichuan, eventually, with the help of Cambridge Eye experts, her corneas donated thousands of miles away in Shenzhen Eye Bank, one of them in Cambridge Eye transplant patients given a Wenjiang, the other one in Shenzhen transplanted to the two patients, she was a person of love, let three people see again Cheap Replica Uggs.

罗小华 love story, not only impressed by the media coverage of the society, also contributed to the Cambridge Eye started to promote the construction of Sichuan eye bank Cheap Replica Uggs. Since then, large-scale operation in Sichuan Province had a benign eye bank Cheap Replica Uggs.

At that time, a people anxious background is that there are about three million blind people see again through corneal transplant, but due to extreme shortage of cornea donors, because most people can not wait for the cornea and has been living in a dark world Cheap Replica Uggs. Founded in Sichuan Province this large eye bank and benign operation allows patients who are waiting anxiously to see the fuming hope Cheap Replica Uggs.

Cambridge Eye became the focus of media attention, CCTV is a private hospital in Cambridge Eye Hospital became affiliated medical schools in Sichuan and the country is also rare

Really understand ophthalmic medical people know, the establishment of eye banks, corneal transplantation implementation, which is a not profitable even lose money work Cheap Replica Uggs. Cambridge Eye is not making money with this work yourself to the one previously been considered only in public hospitals have charity path, and thus known Cheap Replica Uggs.